Server Software & Licenses

European Networks offers customers wide range of server control panel software & licenses. With a hosting control panel you are able to manage your web services from a single point (interface). All web-based control panels are allowing you to manage email accounts, FTP accounts, file management functions, creation of subdomains, disk space monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, create backups and many more technical features.

ISP Manager control panel

ISP Manager comes in 2 versions: Lite version and Business version. Lite version provides a feature set for managing websites, creating users, handling domains, emails, databases. Business version has a cloud-based structure and perfectly suits for creating shared web-hosting business. ISP Manager has no difference in price for dediсated and VPS server use. All licenses are supporting an unlimited number of users and domains hosted on a server. The control panel has several add-on modules such as Let’s Encypt, website builder, DDoS guard. More information about ISP Manager you may get here.

ISP Manager pricing

License Type Price
ISPmgr 4 Lite Monthly € 2.90 Order Now
ISPmgr 4 Pro Monthly € 5.90 Order Now
ISPmgr 5 Lite Monthly € 4.90 Order Now
ISPmgr 5 Business Monthly € 12.90 Order Now

CPanel/WHM control panel

CPanel is a CentOS based hosting control panel. It allows you to manage your shared hosting (web hosting accounts) very easily and quickly. The automation tools are designed to simplify the technical processes of linux server. CPanel give you a complete control over the various aspects of website and administration through a standard web browser and also streamlines the process such as DB creation, setting up mail server (email accounts management) and file manipulating functions (managing FTP, web-disk, website files, etc.). More information about CPanel/WHM you may get here.

CPanel/WHM pricing

License Type Price
CPanel/WHM Dedicated server € 29.95 Order Now
CPanel VPS VPS server € 15.95 Order Now

VM Manager (OpenVZ/KVM)

VM Manager is basically a GUI (web user interface) for server virtualization management in OpenVZ and KVM. It allows users to create virtual machines and manage them using all of VM Manager functions. With VM Manager it is easy to offer VPS servers to customers and using seamless integration with popular billing software such as WHMCS or HostBill app will give you flexibility. VM Manager operates on OpenVZ or KVM hypervisors. More information about VM Manager you may get here.

VM Manager pricing

License Type Price
VM manager 5 OpenVZ Monthly € 8.90 Order Now
VM manager 5 KVM Monthly € 8.90 Order Now
VM manager 5 OpenVZ Lifetime € 160 Order Now
VM manager 5 KVM Lifetime € 160 Order Now

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