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Backup Storage

Backup services we provide are stored in a high-performance secure cloud in the datacenters located in Estonia and Germany. You select the size of a cloud backup account and the system creates it in the replicated massive storage cloud. Replicated storage means we backup ‘backups’ to ensure the overall reliability.

Order remote backup accounts

Plan Storage Disks Network Monthly Price
1TB 1,000 GB SAS 1+0 100M € 15.90 Order Now
2TB 2,000 GB SAS 1+0 100M € 22.90 Order Now
5TB 5,000 GB SAS 1+0 100M € 31.90 Order Now
10TB 10,000 GB SAS 1+0 100M € 51.90 Order Now

Storage account features:

  • Datacenter location: Estonia / Germany / Finland
  • Data protection
  • Ongoing backups
  • Backup accounts replication in a cloud
  • Multi-protocols support
  • SSL/AES-256 Encryption

Why to use remote backups?

We are 100% remotely based backup – there’s no hardware to install or maintain, no wires to connect, no disks or tapes to deal with, no technician needed. You only need simply sign-up and we do the rest.

Your backup data is encrypted and stored on redundant SAS HDD arrays that are complify with the highest industry standards. You have 24×7 access to your securely saved data in our state-of-the-art datacenters.

Protocols we support

You can access your backup space via protocols FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, SAMBA/CIFS and also WebDAV. Account management is possible with login and password.

  • WebDAV

All backup accounts include

  • 100% Protection on storage account
  • Ultra Fast SAS Disks
  • Data quota according to the Plan
  • Multiply storage infrastructure
  • Data traffic (in/out)
  • 24x7x365 Service
  • Service support

R1Soft Backups

Manage many servers from a single GUI interface. It is possible with R1Soft applications. You will get an easy to use web management portal you will have full control of your backups. R1Soft Backups works by taking a full server backup, then incremental or ‘changed-file’ backups each night (desired time-slots), then creating 7 daily recovery points. The advantage of R1Soft Backup over the typical FTP or image backup is the ability to login to the R1Soft Backup control panel via a web interface and ‘browse & restore’ individual files or folders on a destination server.

We provide R1Soft Backup Solutions as well, license fees are applied. Contact us for more details.

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