Exim vulnerability – How to fix

A critical severity vulnerability present in multiple versions of the Exim mail software makes it possible for root access by attackers and executing commands on mail servers for some non-default server configurations.

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Checking server disks performance in CentOS 7

Disk benchmarking is the process of running software that accurately measures transfer speeds under various disk access scenarios (sequential, random 4K, deep queue depth, etc.). The aim is to produce figures in MBps that summarize the speed characteristics of a disk.

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Managing BIND DNS Server

Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is one of most popular server-side software. Domain Name System (DNS) is a must for most servers today. It was developed in the 1980s at the University of Berkley that’s why it has ‘B’=’Berkeley’ in acronym. Currently it active in version 9.

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Installing ImageMagick on CentOS7

ImageMagick is a free and open-source server side software to manage graphics (creating, editing images). It typically utilized from the command-line and available for wide list of platforms. We basically use MagickCore (C), MagickWand (C), MagickWand for PHP (PHP), IMagick (PHP), PythonMagick (Python). With a corresponding language interface setup we may use ImageMagick with easy.

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Installing FFMPEG in CentOS7

FFMPEG is a leading solution to record, convert and stream audio and video files in Linux. We often use FFMPEG as a library in PHP or Python. In this step by step article we will know how to install and configure FFmpeg on CentOS 7 as it not as simple as ‘yum install *’.

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GUI network tools in CentOS 6

While working in CentOS 7 we feel ourselves comfortable with ‘nmtui’ – a killer tool which provides a text interface to configure networking by controlling NetworkManager (in GUI interface).

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Server graceful reboot and shutdown

Graceful reboots and shutdowns are existing for soft closing of all write-to-disk operations. There are many OS critical write operations, for example MySQL. If you will apply hard reset you may get corruption databases in result. To avoid all these problems we recommend to use graceful reboot. The last thing every system administrator want to do is end up with corrupted data upon reboot and server databases malfunction.

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Working with ID RSA under Mac OS X

You may request to provide for you RSA keys instead of passwords for dedicated servers and VPS instances, you ordered from us. This way of authorization is secure for most of operations and we basically recommend to use pair RSA keys.

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Mail logs in CentOS

We use maillogs when a mail problem just happened. In this case you can usually tail the log and see all the actions recorded in a file and investigate the errors. All logs are very important, but mail log is the top of them.

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