Nginx Upload limitation

We often receive customer’s tickets indicates error ‘413 – Request Entity Too Large’. This is an Nginx error stated that web server rejecting too large files. What a large file replied customers, I even liked to upload a 5M photo. In this article we will show how to fix this limit.

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Centos 6/7 freeing up disk space

In case you have a CentOS 6/7 server running out of space you may face to many unstable issues. We recommend to free up the disk space as soon as possible. In this article only top scenarios are highlighted.

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Installing Python 3.8 on CentOS

Python is a popular programming language. By default in CentOS 6/7 is used by default Python 2.7 version instead of widely used Python 3.8 which is the latest stable version now available to download and install at the date of this article.

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Log rotation in CentOS

Most of services and daemons running in CentOS (Linux) are creating their own log files. These log files have necessary notifications and messages related to those services and daemons. You can access logs for any specific messages that will help to find and locate system problems. So we have the priority task to rotate these files and avoid eating much disk space.

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Installing the latest FFMPEG (manual)

FFMPEG – a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. Developers are usually run FFMPEG on CentOS 7 installation and we like to disclose some hints regarding manual installation procedure.

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Fixing broken YUM on CentOS

Server power outages could cause several problems and one of them is braking YUM manager. When the server is going down while YUM processing (even in background) repo task you will probably face a problem (a very messy situation with yum failure).

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Exim vulnerability – How to fix

A critical severity vulnerability present in multiple versions of the Exim mail software makes it possible for root access by attackers and executing commands on mail servers for some non-default server configurations.

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Checking server disks performance in CentOS 7

Disk benchmarking is the process of running software that accurately measures transfer speeds under various disk access scenarios (sequential, random 4K, deep queue depth, etc.). The aim is to produce figures in MBps that summarize the speed characteristics of a disk.

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Managing BIND DNS Server

Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is one of most popular server-side software. Domain Name System (DNS) is a must for most servers today. It was developed in the 1980s at the University of Berkley that’s why it has ‘B’=’Berkeley’ in acronym. Currently it active in version 9.

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