Registering your trademark, name, domain is very-very important. We offer hassle-free domain registrations for business and private customers all over the world. Check for available names on this page with the Search Tool. European Networks ISP provides more than 50 domain zone extensions to register.

Search for the best available name here


All domain sales are going though the billing system and each domain checked daily for many critical parameters. Bot mails customers 30 days prior an expiration date and gives instruction for renewing names.


Our domain privacy protection feature hides all contact information available through a publicly-accessible WHOIS database. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who does not want their contact details available over the internet.

All popular zones

The search tool scans for preferred name in all available zones, it also suggests the better combinations according to your target audience and business focus.

Instant transfers

Check the name and confirm the transfer with pin-code mailed to your contact email address. The rest is organized carefully on our side in the customer portal.

Which domain extension to choose?

If you want your website to be focused for an international audience, you should consider registering your domain name in .com extension, if for Europe we recommend you to choose .eu zone. In fact, any domain zone extension will work fine, that’s up to your choice only.

How to register domains in bulk for my business?

We offer volume discounts for domain registration, domain portfolio hosting, renewals and additional business services. You may order 100+ domains in bulk. Registrations are eligible for Business entities with active contract. Payments are carried by Wire transfer (IBAN/ACH). Contact us for details.

Note: Plan prices given on yearly and month-to-month contract basis see the comparison for details.
All prices are excluding 20% VAT. Customers from Estonia are have to add 20% ‘käibemaks’ tax for the price.