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European Networks datacenter offers wide range of Cloud solutions deploying on private infrastructure and dedicated customer hardware.

Private cloud

Private cloud is the next stop for business customers building cloud networks on dedicated cloud layer. Private cloud provides the same benefits as the basic cloud – agility, scalability, efficiency. In compare to the public cloud it provides much flexibility and security options.

Most business entities are open to public cloud resources usage. But in case of individual requirements, security policies, SLA (Service-level agreements) we have custom solution of building Private Cloud.

In medium size business security precautions and impact of outages (downtime) are very important. Private Cloud provide these companies with custom solution which featured with:

  • Overall security level, based on a dedicated, physically isolated platform
  • Flexible OS support, feature-rich management of all environments
  • Strict user policy with multiple user/administrators groups groups
  • GUI interfaces for supporting and management
  • Monitoring and statistics modules, real-time status of VMs
  • Easy virtual environments management on demand (start . stop . suspend)
  • System security, live backups, snapshots on running VMs
  • Database managers, supporting flexible DB configurations
  • Scaling capabilities to grow Private Cloud and support high-performing applications
  • Cloud performance monitoring tool, pro-active notifications

Starting a private cloud is a complicated project. European Networks provide all required services for the company evolves facility selection, placing orders, logistics, deployment the cluster, configuring, applying user policies, developing interfaces, and much more.

Support contracts (infrastructure support, application support) are a subject of SLA levels.

Private Cloud is a future of Business IT that we call new age of cloud.

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