Pre-sales FAQ

Below you will find a variety of the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) and answers we collected in pre-sales communications.

Q: How can I pay for products and services?

We have different payment options. There are:

  • Instant payments with major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, others).
  • PayPal
  • SEPA bank payment (Europe)
  • Pangalink (Estonia)
  • ACH bank payment (USA)
  • Crypto-currencies (via BitPay)

Q: What language does your support communicate?

We communicate externally in English. Company official language is Estonian.

Q: I own the domain ***.com and can I move the domain to a your company?

Sure, you can. Choose the desired service (VPS, Cloud, Dedicated or WP server) and choose the transfer option in the domain section. After the payment transfer procedure will start.

Q: How do I receive the server after purchase?

Your server credentials will be e-mailed to you as soon as your purchase has been verified by the Billing System (SUPP24). In most of the cases, VPS / Cloud servers are activated instantly or couple of hours after your purchase. Dedicated servers are activated the same day as your purchase or next business day.

Q: What credentials should I receive?

If you are a new customer, as soon as your server registration and order have been verified, you will receive two emails from the Billing System (SUPP24). The first email states your account information (login/password) to the Billing System (SUPP24), and the second email specifies the placed order.

Q: Have I register in the billing system before ordering?

No, you would be granted access to the billing system (SUPP24) after the first order. In the billing system you can view your order history and place new orders.

Q: I did not received any emails from you. What to do?

If you have not received our emails, please check your spam filter or spam software has not filtered or deleted the emails from us. After this please contact us immediately thru ‘Contact us now’ form here. Our technicians will check the issue and help you soon.

Q: I’m getting ‘Authorization Failed’ error when paying to your invoice.

If you’re getting ‘Authorization Failed’ message on checkout page while ordering services or paying the invoices, then it is most likely your issuing credit card bank/company declining the transaction and our gateway logging this error. Typically we suggest customer to contact the card bank/company by dialing the hotline and confirm the bank this charge is eligible.

Q: When I entering SUPP24 system the page is not loading properly.

We recommend you to clear browser cache and cookies and try reloading the page. In our infrastructure we are using Cloudflare CDN service to accelerate the overall performance and purging cache will allow to access the fresh copy.

Q: Do you offer a money back?

Yes, we have full refund policy for all WP Hosting Plans and VPS Baby plan. European Networks offer a 14-day money back guarantee. The guarantee is valid from the day the order is placed in the system. Please note, that 1) in case of multiple purchases, we will provide full money back guarantee for the first cancelled order, 2) money back policy is valid for new customers / new orders only.

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