Installing Composer on CentOS 7 server

Composer is a dependency management tool for PHP similar to npm for Node.js and bundle for ruby. It is not a package manager in the same sense as Yum or Apt are. Yes, it deals with “packages” or libraries, but it manages them on a per-project basis, installing them in a directory (e.g. vendor) inside your project. By default it does not install anything globally. It does however support a “global” project for convenience via the global command. It permits you to declare the subordinate libraries your task needs and it will install them in your project for you.

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CentOS version check

There are several ways on how to check what version of CentOS is running on your VPS/Dedicated server. The simplest way to check for the CentOS version number is to execute the cat /etc/centos-release command in console via SSH. Checking a CentOS version very important for all server operations so commands are different from one to another CentOS system.

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How to Install ionCube Loader 5 on cPanel/WHM server

At this moment cPanel does not support ionCube Loader 5 on WHM/cPanel servers, which will cause issues for client running files made with ionCube v9. cPanel currently installs ionCube PHP Loader v4.7.5, when you install PHP using cPanel EasyApache utility.

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How to check TUN / TAP module in your VPS server

TUN/TAP are commonly used in computer networking. Basically they are used to provide packet reception and transmission for user space programs. TUN stands for network TUNnel is a network layer device (it operates with layer 3 packets like IP packets) and TAP stands for network TAP and it is a link layer device and both of them are the virtual-network kernel devices. The TUN simulates a network layer device and it operates with layer 3 packets like IP packets.

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