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Support of CentOS 8 will be discontinued

Support for CentOS 8 has been officially discontinued as of December 31, 2021. If ISPmanager and VMmanager are installed on your servers and this operating system, the software will continue to run, but will no longer be updated by ISPsystem company.

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Electricity prices adjustment

As many of you know, the Europe is now facing to an energy crunch. In 2021 the electricity has increased from €28 per MWh in the beginning to €160+ per MWh in late 2021. Every hosting/servers provider is affected by the energy price increase. European Networks company is affected too. We still are trying to […]

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Recovering server from running out of space

Some server administrators do not know when their server is running out of space until it is totally out of space and self-blocked. When it happened administrators begin to wonder what really went wrong. The issue is that the server usually runs out of disk space due to large log files collected in many places […]

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Price change for .COM domains

We were informed by ICANN accredited registrars about the upcoming price change for .COM domains. The .COM registry, Verisign, is increasing .COM prices by 7% over the current price.

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Error while migrating WordPress website

Today we will fix well known MySQL/MariaDB problem (in WordPress) when users are uploading the dumps into mysql. Migrating WordPress from one host to another require database exporting (into MySQL dump) and then extracting in the target hosting account.

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