Changes in ISP manager 5 control panel software

Starting from November 20, 2021, technical support for all ISPsystem products will be available only for the last two stable versions, except for End of Life products.

These products are only supported for versions released within two months of the request date. For example, if you contact technical support on November 15, support will only be provided for software that was updated after September 15 or later.

The stages of the product lifecycle can be found in the ISPsystem products documentation

This decision by ISPsystem was done due to the natural evolution of technological processes and the emergence of a new generation of products. The management says, – ‘The updated products are designed to meet our clients’ needs with a proactive error elimination system. They have an improved monitoring system, increased security and additional new tools for developers.’

ISPmanager website contains the technical documentation and step-by-step guides for self-support of the products.

Important notice regarding active product v5:

If you have an active current subscription to ISP manager 5 Lite / Business versions they will continue beeing active in case of positive account balance. If your license is lost (no paid) in this case you may renew only the new version 6 software. We are unable to provide you version 6 instead of all limitations.

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