Removing low quality links

When your website has too many low quality back links it will be penalized by Google. If you have a such situation with links pointing to your website, you can remove bad links with our manual. This helps not to get into trouble Google algorithms and your website can not be penalized. To keep the website safe from any possible ban you need to regularly monitor and clean up your link profile within Google Webmester Tools.

You can do that easily from your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.

Our step-by-step instruction will show you how to do it.

      Go to your Google Webmaster Tools account
      Select your website.
      In the side menu, click on Search Traffic –> Links to Your Site
      Now, click on “more” under the “Who links the best”
      Click on “Download latest links”

    This download link will give you the list of all the links pointing to your website and which Google uses to rank you.

Download this list every 2 months and remove any spammy or low quality links, using the disavow tool on your Google Tools.

If you have no access to Google Webmester Tools we recommend you register and link your website today.

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