ISP manager fixing quotes issue

In this article we will share the experience with ISP manager. It’s a popular server panel software. We provide this server panel to customers in 2 editions: ISP manager v.4 (CentOS 6) and v.5 (CentOS 7).

Today we like to share the case of quota errors. This kind of error occurred on a server node by OpenVZ virtualization. OS container was unable to activate user quotes and server panel recorded the error:

May 14 17:29:30 [961:86161] proc EXTINFO Run '/bin/sh -c setquota\ -g\ 504\ 20480000\ 20480000\ 2343750\ 2343750\ /' pid 19638
Mar 14 17:29:30 [961:86161] proc EXTINFO Process 19638 finished with status 1
Mar 14 17:29:30 [961:86161] quota ERROR Failed to set quota: 'setquota: Cannot stat() mounted device simfs: No such file or directory
setquota: Mountpoint (or device) / not found or has no quota enabled.
setquota: Not all specified mountpoints are using quota.

Let’s check how to fix this error.

In ISPmanager 5 run in console the following command:

# ln -s /simfs /usr/local/mgr5/simfs

And for ISPmanager 4 run in console the following command:

# ln -s /simfs /usr/local/ispmgr/simfs

After running simfs reboot the ISP manager panel to have quotes activated:

[[email protected] ~]# killall core

And check the quotes. If previously applied fix gave no results, do the following steps:

# mv /simfs /simfs_
# ln -s /dev/simfs /simfs
# unlink /usr/local/mgr5/simfs
# ln -s /dev/simfs /usr/local/mgr5/simfs
# killall core

Check again the results. If still no progress you faced to an OpenVZ quotes error. To fix OpenVZ quote problem do the following:

# vzctl stop $CTID
# vzquota drop $CTID
# vzctl start $CTID

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