GUI network tools in CentOS 6

While working in CentOS 7 we feel ourselves comfortable with ‘nmtui’ – a killer tool which provides a text interface to configure networking by controlling NetworkManager (in GUI interface).

But in CentOS 6 ‘nmtui’ is not available, let’s check for a proven replacement.

Why to use Network Manager GUI?

GUI interface for network configuration in CentOS is a tool which will perfectly editing the system configuration files. The result using this GUi is the same with change of configuration files directly but much quicker and easier.

Installing Network Manager in CentOS 6

In CentOS 6 is available a nice tool similar to ‘nmtui’ in CentOS 6 and it called ‘system-config-network’. In this article we will install it step by step.

[[email protected]]# yum install system-config-network-tui

The binaries will download and begin installing. When installation is complete you will see ‘Dependency Installed. Complete!’

Then you may call for the tool:

[[email protected]]# system-config-network

In a Dos-style window with blue background you may choose the connection and edit or activate/deactivate it.

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