Creating a WordPress contact form with ContactForm7

Every website owner likes to get a feedback from the website. We suggest to use a WordPress plugin to create a contact form on your website. If you already installed a custom wp theme it may have a one inside. If not installing a plugin is much simple even for WP beginners.

Let’s see how to setup a Contact Form 7 plugin. It is available at or you may install it directly from the WordPress plugin repository in Plugins > Add New.


Step-by-step manual to install a Contact Form Plugin in WordPress

1. To add a plugin you have go to the add new plugin screen (Plugins > Add New), then do a search for “contact form 7″.

2. In search results click on Install button and wait then your WP get it downloaded, installed.

3. Activating. After installation click on ‘Activate’ to have this plugin ready to configure.

Now let’s create a form in the plugin. We will just give the form a name or we may use the default form which created automatically once we activated the plugin. We encourage you to explore the possibilities if you need more complex forms.

Creating a Contact Form for WordPress Using the Contact Form 7 Plugin is much easier. Once the plugin is installed and activated, follow the steps below to create a contact form.

  • In the left hand menu, click Contact > Add New.
  • Click the Add New button. This extra step is there to allow you to change the language of your contact form if need be.
  • Give it a title and click the Save button.
  • This will create a contact form that sends email to your admin email address. It will also use the main fields: name, email, subject, and message for the form. You can add extra stuff in there but we won’t in this tutorial. We are creating just a basic contact form here.


Implementing the Contact Form 7 Shortcode to a WordPress Page
The form that we created in the previous steps will have generated a shortcode. To get it, follow the steps below.

  • In the left hand menu, click Contact > Contact Forms.
  • You will see the shortcode next to the form that you created. Right-click it and click copy.
  • Now you just need to paste the shortcode into a new page. Simply go to Pages > Add New, give the page a name, then paste in the shortcode into the body area. Then Publish the page, view it, fill out the form and test it out.

From here you can add the Contact Page to the WordPress menu if it isn’t displayed by default on your site.

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