Datacenter Tour

Datacenter photo tour

Power back-end

The server rooms have dual power supply connections via feeder lines. The entire power infrastructure is backed by diesel generator. Uninterrupted operation of the server hardware in the data rooms is guaranteed by industrial Eaton Powerware UPS equipment.

All rack cabinets have dual power supply, one power distribution switch from each side of the cabinet.

Datacenter climate

Temperature in front of the cabinets is 22 +-2 ºC (1m from the floor). This range is controlled by precision industrial air conditioners.

Air humidity maintained at 50+-5%. Climate monitoring system controls air humidity. All climate facilities are duplicated in N+1 to avoid any failure.

Upstream networks

The upstream connectivity speed is 54 Gbps. It goes by two independent Cisco Nexus switching routers via couple of fiber lines. We have currently connection to 10+ operators in Estonia via TLL-IX hub. Routers are connected to the upstream providers at data exchangers Ädala-29 (RIKS) and Sõle-25 (Linxtelecom).